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Horse Health & Veterinary Services

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Newnan Equine Breeding Services & Foal Care

Dependable care from an experienced and knowledgable veterinarian is essential to any equine breeding program. Whether you are breeding with live cover or artificial insemination, we will do our best to ensure your breeding program is as time and cost efficient as possible and that your mares, foals and stallions are kept in excellent health.

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Newnan Equine Preventive & Wellness Care

Proper preventive care is essential for keeping every horse healthy. Safe and Sound has a variety of services and plans to make sure your horses are kept in top shape.

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Newnan Equine General Medicine

Safe and Sound is a primary care service. We are able to evaluate, diagnose and treat the majority of diseases faced by the horse on your farm.

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Newnan Equine Field Surgery

Safe and Sound is equipped to perform basic equine surgery with a focus on patient safety and pain management. Our veterinarian will make every effort to ensure your horse receives the best of care.

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Newnan Equine Performance & Lameness Evaluations

Equine athletes, like any athlete, require special care and attention to keep them performing to the best of their ability. We will work with you no matter your discipline to ensure your equine athlete stays in top performance condition.

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Newnan Equine Emergency Services & Trauma Management

While it is our sincere hope to only see our patients for routine care, we know that when you own horses emergencies are inevitable. In case of an emergency, you can reach the doctor on call at our regular office number, 770-252-8414.

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